Rampage Knights (working title)

By undead

Hey! We have a new game coming! (No, it’s not JnG2 yet, sorry :-) ). After some hard thought about how to introduce all the awesome ideas and concepts behind the project, I decided to cheat a little and simply write down a list with bunch of references to some of our favorite games. These inspired us and demonstrate the features very well, and you probably know most of them anyway. Sorry for throwing so many game names in it, but it’s the easiest way and I’m lazy.

So what’s cool? Why in the endless stream of high quality indie games should you give some of your attention to ours?

chestRampage Knights is a mixture of fast action beat ‘em up game and dungeon crawler. Unlike other beat ‘em ups with mostly linear level design, the exploration, treasure hunting, trap avoiding and other general dungeon crawling will play a big role in the adventure. It’s not just decapitating, it’s also about health potions and lockpicking and secret rooms behind walls with almost invisible buttons. Good stuff…



The game is broken into campaigns you can play alone or with up to 3 other friends. One campaign should take about one hour, similarly to Left 4 Dead for example. During the campaign you obtain better equipment, find better weapons and fight harder and harder enemies until you eventually find the final boss at the bottom of the pit.


The action in Rampage Knights will be simple yet effective with mechanics similar to legends like Golden Axe. Swords, axes and maces will be the main tools of destruction in this game. If you are not a gaming dinosaur like us, you may be more familiar with more recent takes on the genre like Castle Crashers. Hacking and slashing is fun, fast and satisfying way of disposal of evildoers and we also like the variety of weapons we may add in the game.



The death in single player is permanent, although you can find upgrades that can help you cheat the death once or twice. In multiplayer you have a chance to be revived as long as any of your friends are still alive. The difficulty will be tweaked so that MP reviving wouldn’t make the game easy (or easier than single player).


For each campaign the game will randomize the maps, treasures, equipment, bosses and special events and encounters in the dungeon. But there will be more than just a treasure chest and a staircase to the lower level. We plan to add more sophisticated and complex encounters and interconnected events throughout the campaign. Every game should be different. More details coming soon.


One thing we really like about Binding of Isaac is the equipment and how it works. Not only it changes the hero visually, but also it significantly influences the gameplay. We want that too!

Items in Rampage Knights will be more than usual sword +1 damage. They will change your game. If you get lucky, you may step on a spell or heavy crossbow, which allows you to use otherwise unaccessible ranged combat. Or you can find a Juggernaut armor and start to ram into your enemies instead of just slashing them. Some items make you fast and nimble ninja-style back stabber, others turn you into a slow and fearsome heavy hitter, magic ring makes you fly etc. And all can be combined! You basically build your hero’s class on the fly.

goblinThere will be enough items along the way (and also goblin shopkeepers to buy from), so you will be able to choose and not be bound by what random chance and treasures roll for you. But utilizing what fortune gives you and smart sharing and combining of available powers with other team mates will be big part of the game.


feature_multiplayerIt is still a matter of debate, but we’d like to add some system of long term improvement of your heroes. Although every campaign is isolated and ends definitely with either your death or victory, it would be nice to track some RPG-like progress over multiple games. This may result in higher level players starting with slightly better weapons or some features like faster runing of swinging. The cooperative nature of the game doesn’t go against this idea as the better heroes can only improve chances of your party.

We may also add some hard difficulty modes with extra rewards which would severely punish low level heroes and further motivate to upgrade your statistics before you enter these hard modes.


We didn’t waste significant portion of our lives playing L4D to miss the opportunity to put some REAL cooperation in our game! Do you remember that satisfying feeling, when you saved your buddy from deadly hug of a charger or claws of a hunter? We want stuff like THAT in our game! But first we have to figure out how to wrap it together with single player, because I’m pretty sure our code-guy don’t want to implement any AI for bots ;) ).


The comic style enabled us to get more light tone and fun in the game and think big. I mean the game is huge! All is designed for 1080p resolution. Characters are big and most changes will be directly visible on them. Weapons are MASSIVE and plentiful.


And the enemies? You are in the castle of mad wizard! If you think you’ve seen it all, wait for this guys’ evil armada of crazy freaks. Well, it only makes the whacking them into pieces even more fun.


You will be able to change the look of your avatar. We are little unsure, if its better to keep the customization simple and fast or make it more complex. Simple and fast mean choosing just head and hat as these are the most prominent features of the character and suffice for distinction between the heroes.


But for the purpose of equipment and magical changes we have the faces broken down to single parts like noses and eyes and ears. Theoretically we could throw in a mass-effect-style character creation menu. Would that be fun or just a hindrance? You can let us know in the comments.


This is not a console-to-pc port! Yay! It is designed to play well on your desktop machine and we made a lot of effort to make controls and fighting feel natural and smooth. Hopefully it shows. The game will support gamepad and keyboard with customizable keys. (Don’t worry, your Xbox 360 controller will work!)


Mounts, pets, iron maiden and the black clock of death…



    WE WANT JETS’N'GUNS 2 !!!!!!!

  • rakeingrass

    You are right with your suggestions. We are very aware we must add some cool stuff in the game (like the things you mentioned), because competition is fierce and we don’t want to disappoint. We work hard right now to make it happen. P.S. The request has been noted.

  • Dmitri Gurov

    So nice! Do you have any plans about Steam?

  • rakeingrass

    Yes, we want to try greenlight soon. Steam would not only boost our sales, but also greatly simplify network coding and make multiplayer much more comfortable for people.