Combat in Rampage Knights

By undead

Here is the first glimpse of basic combat moves in Rampage Knights.

The enemies are little helpless, but these are the weakest orcs you will meet in the game’s first level. Also I’m spamming the stronger moves only for demonstration. They consume mana quickly and you will not have cheats at your disposal to replenish it immediately like I do ;) .

Regular way to replenish mana in the game is by destroying objects, hitting enemies and connecting attacks. As the hit counter (sign HITS on the right side) goes up for every connection, the mana is regenerated proportionally (HITS x8 gives you 8 mana points f. e.).

Our goal is to create fast, simple and straightforward combat system with fewer but strongly distinctive moves. Every action has its own pros and cons. Every move is suited best for specific situations and tactics. There are moves to control groups, moves to kill strong opponents faster, moves to scatter tight packs of enemies and so on.

We also plan, that the effects of the moves will change along with weapon used or enemies encountered. Therefore you will have to adapt your tactics to the resources and challenges lying ahead of you. For example, heavy attack with hammers may stun enemy while sword will add extra damage. Dash attack pulverizes large groups of weaklings, but bounce of the large armored enemies and even get you wounded, etc.


Let us know, what you think. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

P.S.: We want to release playable pre-alpha demo within few weeks to get some feedback, so please stay tuned and help us refine the combat in Rampage Knights.

  • kamikaze cladifh

    I am anxiously waiting for this game. =)

  • rakeingrass

    Hey, thanks! We plan to try an Indiegogo campaign very soon and we will release a short tech demo along with it, so peolpe may try the combat and send some feedback.

  • kamikaze cladifh

    good ideia!