Jets’n'Guns on Steam – Update

By undead

Hey guys. We owe you some news about upcoming release of JnG on Steam. So here it is:

We plan to finish our work on the game this week. Right now Mac version is in the making and we should be able to send the packs to Steam next week. Unfortunately the Linux version will be delayed, because the guy who should do it for us is extremely busy this month. Bad luck :( .


In the end the controller will work everywhere. In the menus and ship equipping you have to move the cursor around with the sticks. It is clumsy, but it works. Still better than not having it at all. Buttons will be fully customizable.

We added an option to choose, how to display the game on modern screens. You can either stretch the game horizontally to fill 16:9 (or whatever) aspect ratio or you can maintain the original 4:3 with black stripes on sides.

Some minor changes were made to Tetrix minigame and in Atarix we distinguished the symbols so colorblind may crack crates too now.

We made the dreaded race level a little bit less frustrating.

Several other minor fixes and tweaks were made, like fixing the secrets counter and changes to some of the medals. Overall nothing important to the gameplay.


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Here’s the list of achievements, if you are the kind of guy who likes to collect those things. You can compare them to you old stats and see how you will fare ;) .

  • Find all secrets.
  • Finish game on hard difficulty or higher.
  • Get to 10th round of the campaign.
  • Finish campaign without being shot down.
  • Reach score of 100 millions.
  • Reach score of 10.000 in Tetrix.
  • Kill 60 troops with one hit.
  • Kill 100.000 troops.
  • Kill 100.000 air targets.
  • Kill 10.000 ground targets.
  • Destroy 250.000 targets.
  • Crack 100 crates open.
  • Activate 100 devices with RemCon.
  • Unlock all 12 ships.
  • Make one hero obtain all medals.
  • Find and capture all 9 galactic villains.
  • Pick up 100 hitchhikers.
  • Find Mr. Perfect’s secret level.
  • Find the secret level with spammers.
  • Find the secret base on lava planet’s moon.
  • Find the secret science lab level.
  • Finish one level with Armageddonator.


That’s all for now. Hopefully the game will be out very soon.

  • Hoozenfrazen .

    Sounds great!

    Good to hear the space race was… tweaked and that controllers will work – even if not perfect – for the whole game! Hopefully it supports non-Xbox controllers like Logitech or you can expect tons of whining on the forums for awhile.

    If I can give you guys some advice; please be active on the Steam Community Forums for at least the first month or so. It really means a lot to players to see the developers actively posting on the forums there. Also, please sticky patch notes on those forums as well as everyone loves to read them – it shows that the game is getting better and isn’t abandoned.

    Anyways, I’ll be sure to support this release and purchase it at launch! Heres to a good Steam release and Jets’n'Guns 2 in the future! o/

  • DoomPL

    Define “-a little bit less frustrating.” The race was hard but not unfairly so. I don’t really see a necessity for changes but I suppose it’s fine. Anyway, it looks great so far. I’m really excited for it. Any news on the Steam Trading Cards?

  • rakeingrass

    The tweak is very minor – we raised hit points of the ship you fly a little bit, so you don’t die so quickly by hitting the obstacles. Maybe I could do a quick preview of the cards.

  • Piotr Łabuda

    How about supporting mods? I mean, if you do a bit of research you can already easily find program that cracks J’n'G datafiles open and allows you to mess with content. Would it be possible to make J’n'G read data packages provided by Steam’s modding feature?

  • Killian Goetowski

    Some Logitech controllers like the Chillstream install themselves as Xbox 360 controllers, and PC games recognize them as such.

  • Lucas Fernandes

    Just put another checkpoint and that’s enough! Also, being destroyed on the race means you lose the “Finish campaign without being shot down”?

  • TomatoBeast

    Ohhhh man i was waiting for this a looong time.

  • rakeingrass

    I’m sorry. I asked the programmers, and the answer is no. The reason is that we cannot guarantee that the altered data outside the packed DAT file will run properly.

  • rakeingrass

    We tested 360 controllers and that is, what should work. Others will probably work too, but it’s not guaranteed and for example the devices may send different input codes from 360 inputs, so the keys might work weirdly (like some trigger doing what B button should do). Luckily you will be able to bind the keys the way you like.

    We’ll try our best to stay in touch with the community. It’s part of fun in game developing anyway. It’s little hard for us with our Engrish and all ;) .

  • rakeingrass

    Death is death. You can fail the race by missing the gate without losing the achievement, but if you collide with the obstacles and die, it’s over. Of course you can always reload.

  • Валерий Селеванов

    Will it be remastered Hero song by MaSu, or the old one in game?

  • rakeingrass

    Right now we have the original music in the game.

  • Guest

    I’m very excited about Jet’n'Guns on Steam!

    One suggestion: in a future update, you could add the option to use an image mask instead the black borders in 4:3 aspect ratio. Take a look at this La-Mulana screenshot. :)

  • uvatar

    I’m very excited about Jet’n'Guns on Steam!

    One suggestion: in a future update, you could add the option to use an image mask instead the black borders in 4:3 aspect ratio. Take a look at this La-Mulana screenshot: :)

    Oh, shi-! Sorry about the double post.

  • DoomPL

    The anticipation! Is there an estimated release date? I’ve been checking Steam several times a day, every day for the past two weeks. I can’t wait.

  • z1gec

    Me too :D . I hope it comes out soon.

  • Trickster Coyote

    Hello you fine folks of RakeInGrass!

    I hope everything is going well with your endeavour to convince your ‘ancient’ code
    to play friendly with steam. Seven years in technology. Those can feel like aeons.
    Thinking my first programming language was BASIC on the C-64.

    Godspeed! And as few nasty bugs as possible!


  • rakeingrass

    The obsolete code (and data) gave us a little bit of fight, but I believe we solve everything in acceptable fashion. I think our programmer started on C-64 too, if I’m not mistaken. I personally am a ZX 48k guy :) .