Jets’n'Guns update – trading cards, release date, pricing, etc.

By undead

Hey, everybody! Another update on JnG is here.

The game is undergoing some testing and we are fixing and polishing last few details about the game (those we are able to ;) ).

We had some minor difficulty earlier this week, when we find out the upscaling is bluring edges of neighbouring sprites into each other, which results in annoying black edges everywhere (see the picture below).


This bug was not visible in original 800×600 resolution and even in darker upscaled levels, so it caught us by surprise a little bit. The old and obsolete sprites system in the game complicated the solution, but we found a little dirty trick which solved the problem just fine and everything seems to be running swimmingly now :) .

We are also still trying to improve gamepad controls. A big obstacle for us is the fact that the gamepad inputs are not unified and we want to keep ability to control the game even with non 360 devices. It remains to be seen how successful our approach will be.


Yeah! The information you are actually looking for! Valve confirmed February 5th, 10am PT as a launch of the game. We set the price to $7 with 50% launch discount the first week.

Also one good news for Linux users:  because of a delay of the release the Linux version will be ready on the launch day.


Some of you asked for information on trading cards, so I’m attaching a preview here. We have six cards in the game as you can see bellow. Most of them are vehicles you may be familiar with. The hi-res version of the last card shows a sheet with a overview of many weapons from the game.


We also created 5 profile backgrounds you may obtain by collecting the cards and crafting badges. The backgrounds correspond to the themes of the cards (except the rare one). Here’s a low-res preview of one of them:


Thanks everybody for the support so far and helping us to make this happen!

  • DoomPL

    YES! Less than a week away. I’m so excited. The cards look great too.

  • tazzz001 .

    What´s the EU (German) price? Do we have to pay 7€ or is it an equivalent price?

  • rakeingrass

    Should be 6 euro.

  • Hoozenfrazen .

    Alright! I’m beta testing as we speak and I’ve been having a blast!

    Not a single crash or lockup in 16 hours of playing. I’ve had my ass kicked on quite a few levels but with practice and fine tuning my ship and weapon load-outs I’ve managed to blast my way to victory! :D

  • Hoozenfrazen .

    Oh, one other thing, are there gonna be any Steam emoticons or is it backgrounds only?

  • Serious365

    How did you join for beta?

  • tazzz001 .

    will there be a coop mode in future?
    or other new stuff? DLC?

  • rakeingrass

    There are emotes: teddy bear, agent lemon, ammunition, secret ducky (my favorite :) ) and medal

  • rakeingrass

    Not in this old game. It was quite an archaeology to get this one working on Steam – and I mean Indy Jones type of archaeology, with lost of snakes and corpses jumping on us from every dark corner. But if there is significant interest in the game it may boost our motivation to do a sequel.

  • kemm68

    YEAH! Finaly!
    This game is awsome! Great job with this game!
    But why it is so hard to modify this game. I thought older games are easier to make and modify. I would bye all DLC’s.

  • Koldo Fernandez

    THANK YOU! This is definetively well deserved!

  • rakeingrass

    For example the sprites problem described in the article is caused by the sprites being tiled together tightly in a bitmap. When you scale such sprite the pixels are blured and, if there is a dark pixel next to the edge of the sprite, it creates the dark edge. You can avoid this by having a 1 pixel space around the sprite so it doesn’t touch the neighboring sprites directly. But such solution would need us to rewrite the code, that handles the graphics and also fix all the sprites in the game. That would take months. So we needed to improvise. Sorry about the boring lecture, but here you have one example what can go wrong, when you try to revive old games :) . As for the DLCs, the main problem are the obsolete terrible tools which really prohibit us from doing anything new in this ancient game. I think it would be more reasonable to invest our energy into a sequel.

  • kemm68

    Yes you are right !:D