Jets’n'Guns is on Steam!

By undead


The day has come! Our legendary side scrolling shooter made it on Steam! Take advantage of 50% discount and smash through the hordes of enemies in this epic world saving adventure!

But most importantly – enjoy the destruction!

  • Andrew Tkachenko

    I’ll buy it tomorrow. :) Anyway, is there a chance for a sequel? Pleeeease? XD

  • lufi10

    just finally finished installing this game

  • rakeingrass

    Yes there is. There always is. :)

  • Henrique Persechini

    copied my old saves to the save folder of the steam version and made a ritual burial for the game files I preserved all these years. onward for steam achievements!

  • Hoozenfrazen .

    Woot woot! Congrats on the release and heres to many sales for a great game!

  • Coffinator

    Hell yeah, RakeInGrass, way to go!
    You know JnG is your Magnum Opus so far and that the only thing to best it is a new JnG game. I’m still waiting, years later!

  • Stanislav Shestel

    RakeInGrass, thank you so much for that release! Bought it at the very moment of seeing it in the steam store. Your Game is definitely the best side scrolling shooter that was ever made! I couldn’t even say how happy i am for you. Good luck to all of you with your next projects! I hope that i will live to see JnG 2 =)

  • rakeingrass

    Thanks, man! It’s great to here things like this from the players!

  • Bidinou

    Hi ! Any chance for a Humble Store release ? :)

  • rakeingrass

    We will try to offer the game there, but they rejected us before, so I don’t see our chances very high. They are selling a lot of AAA stuff now anyway, so JnG probably doesn’t fit much. We are going to release the on other places like here: