Loot Hunter version 1.0 is released!

By admin

Hi! I would like to inform you, that we released Loot Hunter version 1.0. You can download it at our page http://www.rakeingrass.com/game_loot_hunter.php

Some changes:
- Added more than 50 items that can be used to improve your ships
- Improved battle gameplay
- The action Captain’s Order gives bonus to the boarding (attack damage)
- The boarding bonus icon is shown in the batlle now (if you have any bonus)
- The action Maneuver adds more cannonballs on the battle board
- Actions in the battle are sorted by action point cost
- There are more pirate ships generated on the map
- If you buy a level 2 action, the teacher will not offer the level 1 action anymore
- You cannot combine more than one of the same items on your ship
- You can scroll the items in your inventory, you can have unlimited number of the items now
- And tons of small changes and bug fixes

  • silentbravo

    I bought this game in a Groupees bundle, but it didn’t come with a registration key, how do I download the latest version of the game?

  • Tovy

    Hello, I’m not sure why Groupees has not sent keys to you, we gave keys them. I will try to check it.

  • silentbravo

    When I go to my download page on Groupees it just has a direct download to the game (which I think is an old version, I doubt they are updating it with new versions all the time). No keys on that page which they typically have for other downloads. Thanks for checking.

  • Tovy

    I see. I sent them a mail. Feel free to use our support form to contact us and I will send you a key to your email. Thanks!

  • Keith

    Same here. Bought on groupees and started playing the version on groupees tonight. Rather liking the game. I’m surprised you don’t have it for sale on Desura or other venues. Would also appreciate key if possible, so I can get the updated version. Also, when I update, will I lose any saves I have?