Rampage Knights – October update

By undead

Hi everyone, who is still waiting for news for our co-op brawler Rampage Knights!

As the release date is approaching we are getting things together. Our main problem right now is the network code, which is too slow to run the whole world with all the levels at once. That’s why we are changing it to handle the campaign one map level at a time.

We’ve added exit screens in between levels which count some statistics of the players like kills, damage dealt etc. It immediately spawned fierce competition to the point, where we focused on knockning each other out of the way to steal the kills and gold more than on surviving the fighths with monsters :) .


Meanwhile we are adding more stuff to the game – items, special encounters and enemies. Just like this beholder-like creature below:


  • ThomasMNS


  • Adam Jones

    Is this game still alive? Been a long time since this update. =[

  • rakeingrass

    It is alive. You are right. We should make a new update. We’ll look into it.

  • Adam Jones

    Good! I was just afraid maybe it had been cancelled.