Rampage Knights: Update 1.4

By boovie

Version 1.4 of Rampage Knights on Steam is out!

Halloween update is here! It’s not as big as we hoped, because we spent much more time solving networking problems than we expected. But it still brings a lot of new items and some of them are really crazy! Check out new Infinijump of brutal Mechanical Arm to see, what I’m talking about. Good news is that we still have many ideas that didn’t make it here due to time constraints and we intent to improve the game even more.

New items

  • Mechanic Arms – HOLD attack button to swing. You can’t dash anymore.
  • Syringe – You fully heal in every new room, if you have a disease.
  • Nightcrawler’s Eyes – +20% critical hit chance in dark rooms.
  • Salamander’s Oil – Strongly inceases damage to enemies from poisoning and burning.
  • Steel Springs – Your jumps are huge.
  • Infinijump – You can jump midair. Forever.
  • Molten Mittens – You burn enemies on touch. Immunity to fire.
  • Guy Fawkes’ Flying Head – Familiar. Throws bombs around randomly.
  • Demonic Eye – Familiar. Shoots beams of energy.
  • Queen Bee – Sends bees on enemies when they appear.
  • Devil’s Pact – Signed with blood! You will be ressurected upon death but cursed!
  • Freedom Giver – Delivers freedom to your enemies.
  • Plague Bearer – You poison everything. Your poisoning cannot be cured.
  • Rotten Cheese – Putrid stench around it deals poison damage to enemies.
  • Bodybuilder’s Magic Juice potion – Strength +3. Size +5%. Vitality -5%.
  • Grand Vizir’s Terrifying Transmutator potion – Swaps you strength and vitality.

Other changes and fixes

  • A new pumpkin enemy which drops deadly pumpkins.
  • A new disease Treasure Chest Phobia. You get it after failing in lockpiking repeatedly.
  • A new blessing King of Ice. Chills all enemies.
  • Bottomless Pouch gives 3 pieces of gold instead of 1.
  • You cannot pick lit bombs with Serious Bomberman item anymore (this feature was breaking the game’s balance). Instead you get 25 bombs when the Bomberman is picked.
  • You can now find parrot familiar during the game or in pet shops.
  • Fixed bug where hero could receive poison status and Elven Armor together in Shadow World.
  • Objects like barrels, explosive barrels, pumpkings and other like that can no longer spawn directly in front of the doors.
  • Some performance optimizations.