Jets’n'Guns 2: mid-january news

By undead

We are working on the January update and trying to improve things according to feedback we’ve got. Here’s a quick picture to tease the biggest visible changes: bigger HUD and overhauled item categories in the shop.

jng2_jan_hud_shopClick for full size.

The new colorful HUD is little corny, but MUCH easier to read. We decided to go with “the 80′s feel” and use big digital numbers. They change color with the value of HP as well, which helps further with the awareness in the chaos of the battle. We moved the whole thing up to not cover the ground which is usually more important than the upper left corner. The HUD gets more transparent, when the player flies close, so it’s not in the way.

We are also improving mini-HUD on the ship. We’ve added directional flashes to indicate hits and an optional glowing box to show collision rectangle.

In the shop we made a ton of changes. But the biggest one is that we got rid of the category tabs, which were real pain to navigate. All items will be listed at once now, with separators in between the groups. You will be able to use trigger+stick combo to jump quickly to the first item of the next group.

We also have an item sorting button that’s pretty neat.

Many more teaks and changes are coming. Let me know, what you think!

  • Merten Bartsch

    Nice to see a change with the HUD. Especially for beginners its much easier to read. Can you please add an option to change the HUD size. I´m so hyped for this game. I can´t wait to see it finished. And hopefully a remake of Jet’s'nGuns 1!

  • DeathSwagga

    that new hud looks seriously cool!

  • rakeingrass

    We are considering it. We want to test it in its current state first.

  • rakeingrass