By undead

Hey everyone! Sorry for the loooong pause. We bumped into an unexpected struggle with new bosses and some new adjustments we added to the game. But here we are now, with brand new update and a lot of new things added to the game! Let’s start with the biggest changes.


2 new bosses
We’ve added Beer Core machine in Beer level and Insectoid Queen. The plan was to have 3 bosses actually, but the last of the batch is still very much work in progress, so it has to wait for the next update.

Secrets should work properly now
Apart from standard set of rubber duckies we’ve added also two new secret guns – Duck Gun and stinky Excrementor :D . Hold your noses! There’s also a lot more cargo crates now in the game, although their reward haven’t been updated yet.

Carnage TV is back + secret massacre level
If you want to increase your funds by masacring troops for carnage TV, you can now. We also added a new secret bonus level packed which is packed with enemy troops. Ideal battle ground to farm those Carnage TV bonuses.

The ultimate device of destruction is back. Nuff said.

A new end game gem. It matches power of its weapon to the strongest weapon on the ship. Do you want your Daisycutter to kick as hard as Tesla gun? Now you can make it happen.

Set Enabler
A new end game equipment. It turns on set effects even if you have only one item of the set on board. To get this item you must [spoiler]win race level on difficulty 5 (insane) or higher[/spoiler]

We have new leaderboards separated for single and co-op play and for normal and harcore game mode.

Other changes include:

  • New ship parts and camouflages to customize player’s ship.
  • Hero’s profile now displays latest stage, not just difficulty.
  • Much steeper pricing of devices.
  • New weapons: Manic Miner, X-ray, Boomerang, Krakator, Scorpio, SunRay, Smart Gun, Cyberia, T-Bone Splitgun, Ringball, Cosine Moral, Fireball
  • New gems: Criterion, Acidator and Muon Time Ring
  • New missiles: Red Mamba, Phoenix, Barracuda and Helix
  • New equipment Zogon’s Insurance which gives HP bonus every minute.
  • Fixed bug with erasing user defined controls.
  • Explosion of the hero in co-op is less flashy.
  • Weakened flamethrower (about 20%).
  • Nanomachines now workwhen you do not shoot instead of when you have no heat.
  • Autotrack + Missile Buster now makes weapons aim at missiles as well.
  • Zeldor no longer gives 1 HP for every Vampirion heal, to prevent immortality combo.
  • A lot of text corrections based on feedback from BrewBreuw (Slurr). Thanks mate!
  • A ton of other minor adjustments and bug fixes.