By undead

Here we come with another major overhaul of the difficulty related parts of the game. There are also some new rewards and items available.


As always the new version will be in beta for a while – it’s a major change and we could broke a lot of things. If you want to try it immediately click on the game’s “properties” in the Steam browser, select “BETAS” tab, and switch version to “upcoming”.

Gameplay changes

  • Changed difficulty progression. The enemies are slightly easier in the beginning but they are getting tougher quicker.
  • Score/money is adjusted. You should get more in the beginning. Later in the game it’s not growing as fast.
  • In game of 2 players the score is higher by 20% to make a gear for two ships more affordable.
  • Damage from enemy shots to hero grows faster.
  • Burn and acid DPS is relative to difficulty level, so that these effect do not become useless.


  • Achievements should work now.
  • Medals should work now.
  • New limits for player’s rank. Top rank achieved at a score equal to 10 million .


  • Powers and prices of bombs have been adjusted (boosted in many cases).
  • Helix missile – fixed trajectory in fast levels.
  • Equalizer – removed multiplication bug in combo with GEM connector.
  • New high end missiles: Banjo, Hailstorm.
  • New high end bombs: General P.I.G., Mine Deployer, Acid Storm.

Fixes and changes

  • In the Race level you can no longer miss the finish line.
  • Fixed number of secrets in the Asteroid field level.
  • Cloning colony secret level can be found on all difficulties.
  • Hardcore mode skips tutorial.
  • Beer Core’s pretzel does much less damage.
  • Fixed unkillable Queen Larva.
  • Insectoid Queen telegraphs rotating beam attack better.

Important warning for achievement hunters and completionists!

This is the first update with truly functional medals and achievements. We see this as a test, not a final product. For obvious reasons [b]we intend to reset achievements, scores, ranks and leaderboards during the final release of the full game[/b]. Be aware of this before you sink too much time into coming for every achievement in the game at this moment.

  • DeyonBur

    Hey, I’ve noticed that Travolta bomb electric frags are dealing too much damage (may be I am not right and everything is as it should be). It even overcomes all the later bombs in real DPS just with these blue fragments. This is definitely a feature)

  • rakeingrass

    Hey, I totally missed this message. Thanks for reporting it. I’ll look into it.