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Variety of questions.
« on: March 29, 2015, 10:01:46 pm »

I recently bought a single copy of this game after stumbling upon it in Steam and I must say, I am very impressed.  It's rare that I buy a game and spend 4-5 hours on it in such a short order.  The last few games I've done that with are games such as Faster than Light, Binding of Isaac, and other little gems.

That is now what I consider this game, a little gem.  Now, onto the questions.

1. I would like to know how I can promote this game a bit.  I have already told a lot of my steam friends about it and want to see if I can do a bit more. Any suggestions?  Should I link to your site, to your steam page, or something else entirely?

2. Where/how should I report bugs, or things that should be changed/fixed/updated? Is there a bug report that I haven't seen?  I saw the contact field and was thinking of sending info, but I wouldn't mind knowing the most correct way to do so.

3. Do you have any sort of bulk offer?  I would like to buy between 10-15 copies of the game both as gifts and prizes for stream viewers (not specifically my channel, but good friends of mine that stream that I give games to to hand out as gifts.)

Thanks for the fun,


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Re: Variety of questions.
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2015, 10:33:46 pm »

It's great to see you find our game entertaining and you even want to help spreading the word! For any details it would be best, if you send an email to team (at) rakeingrass (dot) com. Just let us know it's Tinari from the forum or copy-paste the post.

Best place to post suggestions and bug reports is discussions page of the game on Steam. The link is here: