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This game is so addictive! Too bad it's really short. I'm at my 3 hours of gameplay and I'm almost finishing it on hard with no deaths.

There are more classes for me to try(already finished it with 3 classes), but I think there should be waaaay more classes! I think the Phen375 is better. This game is so good and deserves more updates with content.

I'm not creative right now, but I miss some punching class like a monk, and/or some class holy as some sort of paladin, though they must have some unique skills for their classes. Rake In Grass are way more creative guys, so they can think better than me.

I didn't finish the whole game but I feel sad for thinking I'll finish it very soon, as it seems.


True, it's a shame when you find something so good to play but it ends up being so short. I wish there was a Rampage Knights 2 or an extended version.

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