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Jets'n'Guns / Mouse issues with JnG on Mac OS X
« on: February 08, 2014, 04:15:05 am »
Hey RakeinGrass!  Thanks for getting JnG out on steam!  It's my 3rd time buying it to show support :)

I am however having issues on my mac with the game.  When it launches, my mouse cursor is automatically drawn tot eh top left corner of my screen.  I can move the cursor but my input is constantly at battle with this "gravitational force" pulling my mouse to the top left.

I tried the game on my bootcamp partition and it plays fine so there is something amiss with my mac.  Didn't know if you had any troubleshooting ideas.

I use a logitech mouse with the G-Series software drivers.  No other games have had issues with it though.  I even disabled the drivers and the problem persisted.

Any thoughts?

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