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[warning; video contains language]

Let me firstly start off by introducing myself. My name is Alex, online persona Miso. I've been playing Rampage Knights pretty much since the beginning of its release, thanks to my friend Derrick, online persona Jamb.

After both of us completed all achievements, Jamb had decided to try and make our own custom runs. First thought was to do a no potions run on Insane difficulty. Then we thought maybe a no weapon upgrade. Eventually, we decided, "why not both?" Thus the purpose of this post.

Now before you get disappointed, no; we have not achieved this yet. Not really close either. The video attached is our first recorded attempt, which we got up to the first boss, and this was the furthest we have gotten so far. We do plan on trying to get this accomplished, however. Maybe we will do a No Weapon Upgrade on Insane separately along with a No Potions on Insane.

Anyways, this is our attempt in a co-op run with no weapon upgrades and no potions on insane difficulty, with live commentary. Hope you enjoy it.

If you're looking forward to seeing a completed version of this run, I suggest subscribing to the YouTube account. Otherwise, I'm sure I'll be posting it on here and on the Rake In Grass forums.

NOTE: My personal favorite part of the run is at 14:13 in the video. I hope you will laugh just as much as I did.

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