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Jets'n'Guns / Re: Jets'n'Guns 2
« on: August 19, 2017, 02:13:26 am »
Some Ideas for JnG 2

I don't mind if it's 2D or 3D.
Maybe u can mix it up and have one 3D level just for the fun, you could blend it in with the storyline. Maybe a black and white level and a pixelated level stuff like that.

You can continue with the old story or make a new story, or make a new story that meets up with the old storyline. Or a new hero that meets up with the old bountyhunter.

-Achievements they are always good to have, for after you have completed the game u can focus on the achievements.
-Atleast the same amount of weapons and upgradables and jets.
-Music Machinae Supremacy or something equally
-Side Stories.
-Storyline how about he goes through all these kinds of wormholes and each time the main player gets in different dimensions, dinosaurs, wild west, medievel, chinese dynasty, egyptian pharao, lost city, jungle monsters etc.

For the story maybe something like this:
We start off with a comic about this kid growing up always wanted to know whats beyond the stars and the planets and whats beyond space. He works as a mechanical guy till one day his planet gets attacked... Maybe a storyline that goes about this kid.
Or maybe his father was kidnapped by some aliens or he was a astronout that got missed, and eventually for the twist he is the one that planned the attack on earth.

-Maps make them change alot like undersea, to jungle to city, surface of the sun etc.
-Interface (for the menu or startscreen) a map with all these planets or wormholes that take you to different eras. Example on one planet u continue the main story, and other planets/stars u can do side missions.

These are just some ideas nothing serious.

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