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Other games / After clearing Larva Mortus
« on: January 14, 2014, 12:56:22 pm »
I bought this game on steam few days ago - I bought it because it was made by Rake in Grass (I really enjoyed JnG!).
The soundtack is really awesome, the atmosphere and concept is very cool, and the campaign was interesting.
One thing though, was that the game itself was too short.
After playing JnG, I kinda expected something with more options on equipments and more campaign levels, but the game itself is really good in creating a scary image and atmosphere.
I really hope there will be Larva Mortus 2 or expension to have more deep and detailed choices on equipments or longer campaign (it would have been nice if the player had to travel to places in order to build new weapons and armor, etc, or to have monsters and weapons catagorized with class with rock-scissor-paper system, etc).

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