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« on: September 15, 2015, 05:34:40 am »
I would like to share some ideas on what I could imagine in this game for the future, hopefully reaching a DEV and make my dreams possible!


Unlockable once finishing in hard mode
+10 VIT
Charging attack (you know, when you are gonna dash attack) + Evade = Kinda like shield charge attack (since there is no shields just like a normal dash o another animation): This will have a 50% possibility to stun enemies and 100% to break shields.
+5 HP when entering new room
Additional Challenges for paladin class:
Templarian Paladin: After successfully stunning 7 with Shield charge at once
Reward: x2 stun time

Unlockable once finishing in hard mode
-20 VIT
+15% SPEED
When attacking normally this class will have 15%( or could be more) chance of stealing 1 coin or 1 food, this would only work one time per enemy or could be 2 times.
Additional Challenges for thief class:
The gray wolf (tribute to oblivions' "The gray wolf"): Steal from 200 enemies.
Reward: 10% chance of stealing on hit.

Additional level or Room!
Alien Mothership!

This could include a new item, like a light saber that causes burning on enemies or even poisoning. New alien mobs. Or a boss, it could even be inspired on motherbrain from metroid.

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