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« on: November 01, 2015, 10:45:11 am »
You should add the ability to mod your game

and add more classes that are harder to get but are alot more powerful like you could reference attack on titan and make a scout class
its abilities could be instant kill if attack from behind and evade key makes you swing across the room

its health would be 80-90
and its beginner weapon could be the swords they use in the anime/manga

or a class referencing death note called the shinigami class

its health would be 40-50
but it flies across gaps and can escape any room but uses a whole bar of mana and leaves fatigue for 1 min

or the hobbit class
its health would be 70-75
it can walk over spikes but has very short reach and is to weak to carry body armor

a new class could be a titan (search up images online for reference to real thing) it health would be 100-110 and your damage is increased but you can only use your fists and you cannot buy stuff because the shop goblin is to scared and you can pick up weapons but you have to get really close to hit an enemy with your fists

new aesthetic skins could be suicidal maniac (reference to attack on titan (it looks like the main character Eren))

mikasa who looks like mikasa from attack on titan

Eren titan form name is self explanatory

Ryuk (reference to death note)

add a new world called the light realm where everything is dark and run down enimies get a 50% damage boost heroes get 24% health boost

p.s.if you havent seen attack on titan go on netflix or search it up online and watch it and when is the next big update due

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