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Jets'n'Guns / Re: Jets'n'Guns - patches (LGP)
« on: August 04, 2016, 04:44:57 pm »
I have to admit that I did not expect this kind of answer

First of all, I am just a person who bought the game that was ported by your company and published by LGP that you chose as a publisher many years ago.

I do not work for LGP, and I was not aware that they did not want to answer your emails.
However, I do not want to know anything about your problems with LGP or other company.

I do not want to feel responsible for it because I did not make any decisions.

I should point out that on your website you did not publish any information that users should not buy the box version of Jets'n'Guns for Linux

On the other hand, I am a person who spent some euros on the disc with your game, and on the box, the CD, the manual there is a name of your company.

I was planning to buy Jets'n'Guns Gold from Steam, but first I wanted to buy the box version because I like to collect classics games for Linux.

Now, it is not very encouraging to purchase this game from your company, but I will buy it today.

I bought one game ported to Linux by your company, and you refused to send me patches for it.

I feel like a scapegoat who paid for the product that you created for LGP (not me), and now, you want to deliberately ignore my issue.

I did not ask about new patches for the box version of Jets'n'Guns, but I asked old patches that you probably created for LGP.

What is so special in these two files that now nobody can not have them?

EDIT: I bought this game on Steam today.

Jets'n'Guns / Jets'n'Guns - patches (LGP)
« on: August 02, 2016, 05:20:36 pm »

Do you know from which website can I download these patches:

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