Jets’n'Guns 2 – delayed FEBRUARY update

By undead

Hey everyone! Here we are with our “February” update. With a bit of a delay because we needed to take our time with some of the new types of enemies.


The core of the update is a new level. Hopefully, it’s gonna be fun and quite challenging (it was for us). We also have several smaller changes:

  • Fixed overheat cheating when you press fire repeatedly in the overheat zone.
  • Fixed Stingray damage on levels 2-4.
  • Blast Projector now catches and redirects shots of the main gun, if you have at least one drone. This means main gun will stop shooting in such situation. This should limit power of the equipment.
  • New item Jet Pack (device).
  • New item Godfinger (gunbot).
  • New item ElectroBall (weapon).
  • Fixed level meter in shop TV, when player does not have enough money.