Jets’n'Guns 2 – MARCH UPDATE

By undead

March update is here with a brand new Atarix console and its ultimate challenging mini-game: Mortal Tetrix! What level can you reach before the growing speed crushes you?


The update itself is little smaller as the month was cut short by our previous update and also we had to dedicate some time to clean up the project in preparation of future bigger bundles of new equips, devices and weapons. But it’s not all just improvements of inner works of the game. We still have a new batch items to test!

Main star of the update is Atarix of course:

  • Cargo crates can be hacked and drop some trash items to sell.
  • Atarix can be trained for auto-hacking.
  • A new mini-game Mortal Tetrix.

Other new items:

  • Weapon Hexagun. Available on Nightmare.
  • Device Rotary Cage. Available on Hard.
  • Gem Angler Mangler. Available on Hard.
  • Bomb Dragonball. Available on Hard.
  • Bomb Cauldron. Available on Normal.
  • Miscelaneous items Teddy and Wander-Wurst as rewards from cargo crates.

Bug fixes and other changes:

  • Fixed bug with firing AM devices even without AM.
  • Two Focuses or two Repulsors should no longer interfere with each other.
  • Repulsor shows in shop. (Wasn’t showing before due to a bug.)
  • Fixed saving after Alt+F4.
  • B-1 bomb can be upgraded now to make it consistent.
  • Properly implemented leaderboards. Can be tested with Mortal Tetrix.