By undead

July update is here!


After skipping June for various reasons we are here with a new update for the game and this one is scary. The game went through MASSIVE overhaul of enemy toughness, weapon power and prices. It may be all totally broken :D . (Hopefully it’s not!)

Please test it and let us know how off it is. We will use the info to move forward towards the more balanced experience. Until now the values were very off and we did not expect any better, but now we have enough levels already to finally start with some proper balancing.

What’s new in this package:

  • Biggest change: major adjustments to enemy toughness, weapon powers and prices.
  • New level: Asteroid Field
  • New level: Quantum Research Base
  • New weapons: J.C. Superstar, Side Arm, Toxican, Zombie Blues (all on Normal)
  • New GEM: Dynamo (Hard)
  • New equips: Harmonic Amplifier (Hard), Shell Grenadier (Hard), Supercharged Load (Nightmare)
  • Various minor tweaks and fixes as always.