By undead

Here we come with another major overhaul of the difficulty related parts of the game. There are also some new rewards and items available.


As always the new version will be in beta for a while – it’s a major change and we could broke a lot of things. If you want to try it immediately click on the game’s “properties” in the Steam browser, select “BETAS” tab, and switch version to “upcoming”.

Gameplay changes

  • Changed difficulty progression. The enemies are slightly easier in the beginning but they are getting tougher quicker.
  • Score/money is adjusted. You should get more in the beginning. Later in the game it’s not growing as fast.
  • In game of 2 players the score is higher by 20% to make a gear for two ships more affordable.
  • Damage from enemy shots to hero grows faster.
  • Burn and acid DPS is relative to difficulty level, so that these effect do not become useless.


  • Achievements should work now.
  • Medals should work now.
  • New limits for player’s rank. Top rank achieved at a score equal to 10 million .


  • Powers and prices of bombs have been adjusted (boosted in many cases).
  • Helix missile – fixed trajectory in fast levels.
  • Equalizer – removed multiplication bug in combo with GEM connector.
  • New high end missiles: Banjo, Hailstorm.
  • New high end bombs: General P.I.G., Mine Deployer, Acid Storm.

Fixes and changes

  • In the Race level you can no longer miss the finish line.
  • Fixed number of secrets in the Asteroid field level.
  • Cloning colony secret level can be found on all difficulties.
  • Hardcore mode skips tutorial.
  • Beer Core’s pretzel does much less damage.
  • Fixed unkillable Queen Larva.
  • Insectoid Queen telegraphs rotating beam attack better.

Important warning for achievement hunters and completionists!

This is the first update with truly functional medals and achievements. We see this as a test, not a final product. For obvious reasons [b]we intend to reset achievements, scores, ranks and leaderboards during the final release of the full game[/b]. Be aware of this before you sink too much time into coming for every achievement in the game at this moment.


By undead

Hey everyone! Sorry for the loooong pause. We bumped into an unexpected struggle with new bosses and some new adjustments we added to the game. But here we are now, with brand new update and a lot of new things added to the game! Let’s start with the biggest changes.


2 new bosses
We’ve added Beer Core machine in Beer level and Insectoid Queen. The plan was to have 3 bosses actually, but the last of the batch is still very much work in progress, so it has to wait for the next update.

Secrets should work properly now
Apart from standard set of rubber duckies we’ve added also two new secret guns – Duck Gun and stinky Excrementor :D . Hold your noses! There’s also a lot more cargo crates now in the game, although their reward haven’t been updated yet.

Carnage TV is back + secret massacre level
If you want to increase your funds by masacring troops for carnage TV, you can now. We also added a new secret bonus level packed which is packed with enemy troops. Ideal battle ground to farm those Carnage TV bonuses.

The ultimate device of destruction is back. Nuff said.

A new end game gem. It matches power of its weapon to the strongest weapon on the ship. Do you want your Daisycutter to kick as hard as Tesla gun? Now you can make it happen.

Set Enabler
A new end game equipment. It turns on set effects even if you have only one item of the set on board. To get this item you must [spoiler]win race level on difficulty 5 (insane) or higher[/spoiler]

We have new leaderboards separated for single and co-op play and for normal and harcore game mode.

Other changes include:

  • New ship parts and camouflages to customize player’s ship.
  • Hero’s profile now displays latest stage, not just difficulty.
  • Much steeper pricing of devices.
  • New weapons: Manic Miner, X-ray, Boomerang, Krakator, Scorpio, SunRay, Smart Gun, Cyberia, T-Bone Splitgun, Ringball, Cosine Moral, Fireball
  • New gems: Criterion, Acidator and Muon Time Ring
  • New missiles: Red Mamba, Phoenix, Barracuda and Helix
  • New equipment Zogon’s Insurance which gives HP bonus every minute.
  • Fixed bug with erasing user defined controls.
  • Explosion of the hero in co-op is less flashy.
  • Weakened flamethrower (about 20%).
  • Nanomachines now workwhen you do not shoot instead of when you have no heat.
  • Autotrack + Missile Buster now makes weapons aim at missiles as well.
  • Zeldor no longer gives 1 HP for every Vampirion heal, to prevent immortality combo.
  • A lot of text corrections based on feedback from BrewBreuw (Slurr). Thanks mate!
  • A ton of other minor adjustments and bug fixes.


By undead

Here we come with out-of-schedule update solely focused on difficulty! If there ever was a moment to start a new game profile from scratch, it is now.


This update is a big experiment. We’ve added several new features to enemies and levels on higher difficulties, to add challenge beyond just higher toughness. Enemies shoot more, launch extra rockets, they have new appendages to block your shots or shoot beams at you, etc.

It needs extensive testing. We made a ton of small additions everywhere because of this (it is a major global change to the game), so bugs are very likely. It might make some sections even unplayable, if we went overboard with it. There’s no chance for us to test it all in a reasonable time. So please let us know, what have ve broken.

Here’s more detailed list of changes:

  • New high difficulty features on all enemies: barriers, beamers, mine deployers, turrets, missile launchers, death bombs, retaliation fire.
  • HARDCORE MODE should work now.
  • Significantly reduced score/money.
  • First few levels and bosses on Normal difficulty should be slightly easier to defeat.
  • Vampirion’s healing power is halved.
  • Energy Barrier and Rammer have slightly smaller collision to avoid complete blocking of all incoming threads.
  • Several minor bug fixes and improvements, including “NEW” tag for new items in the shop.


By undead

November update has arrived! We’ve added a new level – an obligatory “spooky evil lava planet” level for the baddies ;) .


Also, due to popular demand (ha-ha), everyone’s favorite space race is now available! Don’t worry, it’s just a bonus secret level. I’m sorry, but we couldn’t resist to troll you a little ;) .

Another big change is an addition of game modes. Previously you were choosing starting difficulty between Casual and Normal. Casual was a self-contained game without progress on difficulty 0 and Normal had the progress to infinity (difficulty 1,2,3,…).

Now you choose game mode instead. All game modes progress in difficulty to infinity, they just differ in rules of play. In casual the enemies are still weaker, you have more stuff from the start and you keep all score as money when replaying levels, just like before. We also made some preparation for third game mode – Hardcore – for real maniacs. But it’s not working yet. If you choose this one, it’s like playing Standard at the moment.

List of new things:

  • New levels: lava planet, secret race level.
  • New section in tutorial to introduce devices.
  • New device Energy Barrier that is part of the ship’s loadout from start.
  • More new devices: Hull Boost, Kaboom, Double Dragon (Hard), Arcaball (Nightmare)
  • New equipment: Scavenger, Quazitron Module (Hard), Fridge, Central Heat Sink, Device Connector (Nightmare), Demolisher (Hard)
  • New bombs: Vandal, Black Friday, Hell’s Bells (Hard)
  • UI: Mission Failed screen. New Hero faces. Font size option.
  • Reworked game modes. Casual now progresses in difficulty, just like Standard.
  • Preparation for Hardcore mode. (Not working yet.)
  • Various tweaks and fixes as always.


This update is a sort of intermediate one. We plan to add big change to a difficulty in the next one, where we add new features to the enemies on higher difficulty levels. This should make play more interesting, because the challenge will no longer be just about toughness and number of the enemies. But this is a major addition that it will take some more time to create. So it has to wait for the next update.

Also missing bosses will now be the top priority for the next upcoming updates.


As always the update will be on beta branch for about a day. We’ll make it the main version (“last stable”), if no reports of things being horribly broken arrive. You can try beta version immediately – just right click on the game in Steam, go to properties and tab “BETAS” and select “upcoming” version.


By undead

So after much delay and some technical difficulties the October update is live!


As always, the newest version will be available in “upcoming” beta branch to avoid disruption of the last stable version. If you want to try it, please open properties of the game, go to BETAS tab and choose “upcoming” version as your active beta.

The balance of the game is probably still off, but the numbers has been tweaked a lot in this next iteration. We also added bunch of new weapons to smooth out the transition to the higher difficulties.

We’ve added a new level. Dreaded Beer Empire is back with all its bottle powered weaponry!

Another major change is in UI, where we enlarged the game’s font to improve readability and prepare the game for Nintendo Switch Version in future (definitely happening now).

Here’s the quick list of changes:

  • New level: Beer Empire
  • New guns on Normal: Viper Gun, Clint Chaingun, Superkiller, Blackfist, Kaiser Franz (set item)
  • New guns on Hard: Super-Tornado, Xetec, Flamethrower, Kaiser Leopold (set item), VX Quattro
  • New guns on Nightmare: Tesla Devastator
  • New devices: Total Cooler (Normal), ShockWave (Hard), Time compressor (Hard).
  • New missiles (all on Hard): Nova, Tigerfun, Trident.
  • UI change: larger font, debriefing screen.
  • Various minor tweaks and fixes as always.