Jets’n'Guns hitting Steam

By undead

As you probably noticed Jets’n'Guns has been accepted on Steam. Here is some quick info on the subject.


The release is planned on January 2014. The main bulk of work should be done this year, but we wanted some extra time for testing and unexpected mishaps. Also there’s no point to rush things and charge into Steam’s Xmas release mayhem. I believe we will send all the versions of the updated game to Valve this year. We have no idea how long will it take afterwards before Valve evaluates the game and releases it.



Expect a price between $7 and $10. I understand that many of the potential buyers are people, who bought the game already in the past and I hate that we are going to charge again for just a possibility to play on Steam, but it would be too much work to get Steam keys to everybody, who bought the game. We don’t even have access to all the data from all the servers the game is on.

We will try to release the game with some massive discount for the first few days to give you chance to get it for symbolic price. No promises. I’ve no idea, how much control we may have over pricing and sales on Steam. But we will try.


We plan to give the game a quick facelift with following changes:

  • We will add 20-25 achievements.
  • We will add 6 Steam trading cards and badges.


  • We will update controller input with improved options menu (no more fiddling with config file hopefully). However the controller support stays only partial – you can play the game with controller, but menus require mouse.
  • The Mac and Linux versions will be ready.
  • We are considering some form of upscale of resolution. JnG is an old game running in 800×600, so we try to do something with it, but any solution has its pros and cons, so this is still not decided yet.


More info coming soon.

  • Гена Воробьев

    Great news, thank you!
    Will there be soundtrack included with the game?

  • VASYAN228

    Will it be a gold edition or just original game?

  • mxtomek

    Awesome, always wanted JnG on steam. voted and now only few months and can play it :) , if U need people to steam test version, I’ll be ready. 800×600 is to small, good luck with upscaling

  • Steafen

    Changing resolution to proper widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio is actually not breaks game too much. Yes, resolution is weird (1067×600), but now you can upscale it to 1080p without stretching, it’s just look so much better then 800×600.

    Really, almost all graphical glitches that changing resolution created, I can fix even by myself just by editing existing textures, so I don’t think that it will be too much of a hassle for developers with source code. Only real problem that only devs can change is that, as far as I can understand some enemies that should spawn from behind of player is spawning straight on the screen, when we need them to fly in from the left side of the screen. If you can fix that – maybe there is a possibility to give Steam release awesome facelift.

  • rakeingrass

    gold edition

  • rakeingrass

    Sure. It will be there.

  • Hoozenfrazen .

    That green 6 wing ship is new! Is that gonna be added to the game? EDIT: Oh that might just be a paint job change. I remember now that you can change paint.

    Also, can you guys please add some sort of frame rate cap? Playing this game really makes the coils squeal on my vid card because I think its uncapped on frame rate! O_O something like V-sync.

    Anyways, love this game tons and I hope it does well on Steam! I’ll be sure to buy it!

  • rakeingrass

    Yes, the ship is good old Crocker Cr-2 in jungle paint.

    Coder told me, that the frame rate should be synced with a screen, so normally 60 fps. Squealing is probably caused by something else. I remember I had this problem too on my previous computer, but we have no idea, what may be behind it :( .

  • Hoozenfrazen .

    Hey, thanks for the reply… just one more thing:

    Its about Heat generation. You can sorta “cheese” the system by rapidly tapping the fire button rather than just holding it down. Tapping creates far less heat but still gives almost as much firepower so its sorta like cheating…

    Maybe the first time you press fire it generates double heat so it ends up being better to hold it down rather than rapidly tap fire.

  • Abdulla Al-Mutawa

    “menus require mouse” A big mistake right there.

  • Maxde

    Thanks a lot that you will put this game on Steam:D
    But can you please make extra level and weapons for the Steam version?
    It’s would be very nice. :)
    (JnG best game ever)

  • Dmitry Semenikhin

    It’s a very good news! We’ll be waiting.

  • Jason Hunt

    Looking forward to this. Thank you, Rake in Grass!

  • rakeingrass

    All events in a level are triggered, when trigger point reaches the right edge of the screen. Also some things are loosely connected, because they are triggered at the right moment. By moving the line forward (this is what the change of resolution actually do) we would mess up these things pretty badly. The gameplay changes too, because you can see farther forward now. And don’t get me started on bosses who are huge pain in the *** and bug-magnets event now. Let alone after this change. That’s why we don’t want to do that. It would force us to do extensive testing and possibly infest the game with ton of bugs.

  • rakeingrass

    We don’t plan a new content right now. We’ll see how the game fares, but all scripts and tools are very outdated and very hard to work with. Maybe it’s more reasonable to save ideas for a sequel.

  • rakeingrass

    Sorry. I wish programmer could fix that, but the menus were not designed for controller initially and it would need a major makeover to do that (like redoing the whole buying/equipping process and UI).

  • Abdulla Al-Mutawa

    Maybe its possible to make the second analog stick work as a mouse to navigate menus?

  • rakeingrass

    Thanks for the feedback. We fixed that.

  • rakeingrass

    Yeah, we thought about riding the cursor around with a stick, but it seemed so lame, we scrapped the idea. But maybe it’s better than nothing.

  • Abdulla Al-Mutawa

    Its definitely better than nothing, once I start gaming I wouldn’t want to get off the couch every 5 minutes to navigate menus. Plus, I honestly believe that having “full controller support” on the steam page of the game is much more attractive than “partial controller support”.

  • DoomPL

    So happy to see one of my favorite childhood games on Steam. Good times. This game is what introduced me to my all time favorite band too. Coincidentally enough, I’m listening to the game’s soundtrack as I’m writing this. Anyway, just out of curiosity, will there be any extra content besides achievements and steam trading cards? Like I remember there being an old tech demo with an invincible boss that was like a metal dog head on an extendable neck and I can’t find anything on that on the internet. Maybe if you guys still have that, you can put it as an extra feature. Or maybe some old concept art or something.

  • rakeingrass

    Sorry. No new levels for now. To be honest, we are kind of afraid to dig into the game and possibly cause new fatal bugs. The old tech demo is gone forever. We don’t have that anymore.

  • DoomPL

    That’s unfortunate, I loved that demo. Nonetheless, I’m very excited. Buying the game as soon as I see it on Steam.

  • Henrique Persechini

    I just want drop a few thoughts about Jets’n'Guns’n'Steam
    -First of all, I can’t wait for it to come out, I was really happy when I saw it greenlit
    -Secondly, I see you guys talking about the game and the process of checking if everything will work for the release in a really down way like you are kind of embarassed or sad about revisiting a game you made a long time ago. To this I say: Cheer up! This game is amazing, soundtrack is of the chart (I’m also one of those guys that started listening to Machinae Supremacy after playing JnG), I particularly don’t remember playing any game as many times over and over after finishing it the first time (well, except super mario world). Be proud of it, you are entitled.
    -And finally, despite not being very hot right now with steam community right now, steam early access could be a valid tool for testing out those changes to see if anything brakes with a large user base. Don’t know if it’s allowed by valve to go from greenlight to early access thou

  • AbstractSuper

    Yes! Yes!! YES!!! Actually, lately I was going to ask you to do this… and now I’m just happy! By the way, what about some new (dozens of!) levels on this occasion?? B-))) I really love JnG, as Half-Lifes or Deus Ex HR, it’s a perfect game, in its every detail

  • AbstractSuper

    Sequel is totally ok) we’ll wait) although I would cut racing level in the beginning from original game before Steam release, its too hard to me, always have to use cheat code(

  • Hoozenfrazen .

    Hello again!

    Almost the middle of January now! I hope getting the game ready for Steam has been going smoothly but now I have to ask is there any update you can share with us? :O

  • rakeingrass

    Hey, thanks! We are glad you like the game! I think early access won’t be necessary. Features we added are not game-breaking so we might go “live” right away.

  • Bogdan Gabriel

    Soooo … any news on the release? :D

  • rakeingrass

    We are trying to upload Win and Mac version right now. But there are still some minor problem we need to fix.

  • Trickster Coyote

    Hello you fine folks of RakeInGrass!

    I hope everything is going well with your endeavour to convince your ‘ancient’ code
    to play friendly with steam. Seven years in technology. Those can feel like aeons.
    Thinking my first programming language was BASIC on the C-64.

    Godspeed! And as few nasty bugs as possible!