Rampage Knights leaves Early Access

By boovie

The release of Rampage Knights is here! After 5 months in Early Access the game is finally ready.

Big thanks to everyone who was supporting us during the Early Access. We must have one of the nicest community out there! Thanks for all the suggestions, feedback and moral support. It helped a lot to get the games to this state. The work is not over for us. We will continue to gather suggestions from the discussion board and we are going to improve the game according to your feedback.

Here are few last minute changes in the game:

Version 1.1

  • Fixed skin for female characters. Power Gloves and Kraken Idol change female hands properly.
  • Fixed bug with spawning enemies. Boomers and Giant Knights spawn again in the game.
  • Fixed minor bug with Beholder’s death particles.
  • Using altar cost 10 gold (except demonic altars).
  • Casual difficulty unlocks after 3 death instead of 5 (Please Don’t Hurt Me! achievement).
  • Gold Rush event triggered from altars generates more gold now. Achievement El Dorado requires 70 gold to be collected during the Gold Rush event.
  • You have to pay 13 gold to play cards with the devil.
  • Credits added to the main menu.
  • Shadow world randomization does not give player lowest tier weapons.
  • Projectiles fired by the warlock’s familiars do not hit the other player in co-op.
  • Fixed bug in online co-op where the client could crash when connecting to the host and between level transitions.

  • Bigg King

    You should get some famous youtubers to review/promote the game e.g)Totalbiscuit, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Pewdiepie, Peanutbuttergamer

  • rakeingrass

    We are trying hard :)

  • Bigg King

    Cool, but here’s a question… will items like the harpoon, the tree thingy, shield, mighty fist & green glove eventually be added to the game? :P

  • rakeingrass

    I see you dug through the files :) . These are all kinds of weird experiments we did in the game. I believe many of them will appear in the game eventually. We definitely are going to expand the game in near future.