Archibald’s Adventures releasing on Steam

By boovie

Archibald’s Adventures is an action puzzle game with 191 levels which was originally released in 2009 for Windows, Mac and mobiles (iOS and Pocket PC). We are happy to announce that the game is being released on Steam today!

You play as a boy, who gets stuck in a goofy scientist’s mansion after all experimental creatures and security robots escape and go haywire. Use your wit and skill to solve brain-busting puzzles and get over many deadly obstacles to escape the infested labs.


With the Steam release the game got some improvements and technical overhaul:

  • We changed how the bubble’s movement works. It doesn’t bounce wildly anymore and moves a little bit faster for the player’s convenience. We had to make a few small changes in some levels because of it.
  • We’ve added support for XInput and DirectInput game controllers. The game now uses SDL2 library and SDL_GameControllerDB  database so many XInput/DirecInput controllers are detected automatically and other controllers can be configured in Steam Big Picture mode.
  • The game now supports large modern resolutions. How much a player sees from a level is now independent on the actual resolution and how is the level view stretched to screen can be configured in an improved video settings.
  • We’ve added 17 Steam achievements, support for Steam Cloud (save files are automatically synchronized among all the computers you play the game on) and Steam Trading Cards.

I hope you enjoy this Rake in Grass’s classic!