By undead

So after much delay and some technical difficulties the October update is live!


As always, the newest version will be available in “upcoming” beta branch to avoid disruption of the last stable version. If you want to try it, please open properties of the game, go to BETAS tab and choose “upcoming” version as your active beta.

The balance of the game is probably still off, but the numbers has been tweaked a lot in this next iteration. We also added bunch of new weapons to smooth out the transition to the higher difficulties.

We’ve added a new level. Dreaded Beer Empire is back with all its bottle powered weaponry!

Another major change is in UI, where we enlarged the game’s font to improve readability and prepare the game for Nintendo Switch Version in future (definitely happening now).

Here’s the quick list of changes:

  • New level: Beer Empire
  • New guns on Normal: Viper Gun, Clint Chaingun, Superkiller, Blackfist, Kaiser Franz (set item)
  • New guns on Hard: Super-Tornado, Xetec, Flamethrower, Kaiser Leopold (set item), VX Quattro
  • New guns on Nightmare: Tesla Devastator
  • New devices: Total Cooler (Normal), ShockWave (Hard), Time compressor (Hard).
  • New missiles (all on Hard): Nova, Tigerfun, Trident.
  • UI change: larger font, debriefing screen.
  • Various minor tweaks and fixes as always.



  • DeyonBur

    Welp… It’s time to start a new game :D
    There were so many updates, that my last one on nightmare difficulty just broke :/

  • rakeingrass

    Sorry to hear that. Next time you can send broken save game to team(at)rakeingrass(dot)com and we can investigte.

  • Patrick Bücke von Hausen

    Nintendo Switch release coming? Awesome!

  • rakeingrass

    Yep. There might be little delay, because there’s a lot of stuff that needs approval from Nintendo first, but it should follow the PC release fairly shortly after. We are also releasing JnG1 on Switch soon (hopefuly in a month or two).