Jets’n'Guns is on Steam!

By undead


The day has come! Our legendary side scrolling shooter made it on Steam! Take advantage of 50% discount and smash through the hordes of enemies in this epic world saving adventure!

But most importantly – enjoy the destruction!

Jets’n'Guns update – trading cards, release date, pricing, etc.

By undead

Hey, everybody! Another update on JnG is here.

The game is undergoing some testing and we are fixing and polishing last few details about the game (those we are able to ;) ).

We had some minor difficulty earlier this week, when we find out the upscaling is bluring edges of neighbouring sprites into each other, which results in annoying black edges everywhere (see the picture below).


This bug was not visible in original 800×600 resolution and even in darker upscaled levels, so it caught us by surprise a little bit. The old and obsolete sprites system in the game complicated the solution, but we found a little dirty trick which solved the problem just fine and everything seems to be running swimmingly now :) .

We are also still trying to improve gamepad controls. A big obstacle for us is the fact that the gamepad inputs are not unified and we want to keep ability to control the game even with non 360 devices. It remains to be seen how successful our approach will be.


Yeah! The information you are actually looking for! Valve confirmed February 5th, 10am PT as a launch of the game. We set the price to $7 with 50% launch discount the first week.

Also one good news for Linux users:  because of a delay of the release the Linux version will be ready on the launch day.


Some of you asked for information on trading cards, so I’m attaching a preview here. We have six cards in the game as you can see bellow. Most of them are vehicles you may be familiar with. The hi-res version of the last card shows a sheet with a overview of many weapons from the game.


We also created 5 profile backgrounds you may obtain by collecting the cards and crafting badges. The backgrounds correspond to the themes of the cards (except the rare one). Here’s a low-res preview of one of them:


Thanks everybody for the support so far and helping us to make this happen!

Jets’n'Guns on Steam – Update

By undead

Hey guys. We owe you some news about upcoming release of JnG on Steam. So here it is:

We plan to finish our work on the game this week. Right now Mac version is in the making and we should be able to send the packs to Steam next week. Unfortunately the Linux version will be delayed, because the guy who should do it for us is extremely busy this month. Bad luck :( .


In the end the controller will work everywhere. In the menus and ship equipping you have to move the cursor around with the sticks. It is clumsy, but it works. Still better than not having it at all. Buttons will be fully customizable.

We added an option to choose, how to display the game on modern screens. You can either stretch the game horizontally to fill 16:9 (or whatever) aspect ratio or you can maintain the original 4:3 with black stripes on sides.

Some minor changes were made to Tetrix minigame and in Atarix we distinguished the symbols so colorblind may crack crates too now.

We made the dreaded race level a little bit less frustrating.

Several other minor fixes and tweaks were made, like fixing the secrets counter and changes to some of the medals. Overall nothing important to the gameplay.


jng ach

Here’s the list of achievements, if you are the kind of guy who likes to collect those things. You can compare them to you old stats and see how you will fare ;) .

  • Find all secrets.
  • Finish game on hard difficulty or higher.
  • Get to 10th round of the campaign.
  • Finish campaign without being shot down.
  • Reach score of 100 millions.
  • Reach score of 10.000 in Tetrix.
  • Kill 60 troops with one hit.
  • Kill 100.000 troops.
  • Kill 100.000 air targets.
  • Kill 10.000 ground targets.
  • Destroy 250.000 targets.
  • Crack 100 crates open.
  • Activate 100 devices with RemCon.
  • Unlock all 12 ships.
  • Make one hero obtain all medals.
  • Find and capture all 9 galactic villains.
  • Pick up 100 hitchhikers.
  • Find Mr. Perfect’s secret level.
  • Find the secret level with spammers.
  • Find the secret base on lava planet’s moon.
  • Find the secret science lab level.
  • Finish one level with Armageddonator.


That’s all for now. Hopefully the game will be out very soon.

Jets’n'Guns hitting Steam

By undead

As you probably noticed Jets’n'Guns has been accepted on Steam. Here is some quick info on the subject.


The release is planned on January 2014. The main bulk of work should be done this year, but we wanted some extra time for testing and unexpected mishaps. Also there’s no point to rush things and charge into Steam’s Xmas release mayhem. I believe we will send all the versions of the updated game to Valve this year. We have no idea how long will it take afterwards before Valve evaluates the game and releases it.



Expect a price between $7 and $10. I understand that many of the potential buyers are people, who bought the game already in the past and I hate that we are going to charge again for just a possibility to play on Steam, but it would be too much work to get Steam keys to everybody, who bought the game. We don’t even have access to all the data from all the servers the game is on.

We will try to release the game with some massive discount for the first few days to give you chance to get it for symbolic price. No promises. I’ve no idea, how much control we may have over pricing and sales on Steam. But we will try.


We plan to give the game a quick facelift with following changes:

  • We will add 20-25 achievements.
  • We will add 6 Steam trading cards and badges.


  • We will update controller input with improved options menu (no more fiddling with config file hopefully). However the controller support stays only partial – you can play the game with controller, but menus require mouse.
  • The Mac and Linux versions will be ready.
  • We are considering some form of upscale of resolution. JnG is an old game running in 800×600, so we try to do something with it, but any solution has its pros and cons, so this is still not decided yet.


More info coming soon.

Combat in Rampage Knights

By undead

Here is the first glimpse of basic combat moves in Rampage Knights.

The enemies are little helpless, but these are the weakest orcs you will meet in the game’s first level. Also I’m spamming the stronger moves only for demonstration. They consume mana quickly and you will not have cheats at your disposal to replenish it immediately like I do ;) .

Regular way to replenish mana in the game is by destroying objects, hitting enemies and connecting attacks. As the hit counter (sign HITS on the right side) goes up for every connection, the mana is regenerated proportionally (HITS x8 gives you 8 mana points f. e.).

Our goal is to create fast, simple and straightforward combat system with fewer but strongly distinctive moves. Every action has its own pros and cons. Every move is suited best for specific situations and tactics. There are moves to control groups, moves to kill strong opponents faster, moves to scatter tight packs of enemies and so on.

We also plan, that the effects of the moves will change along with weapon used or enemies encountered. Therefore you will have to adapt your tactics to the resources and challenges lying ahead of you. For example, heavy attack with hammers may stun enemy while sword will add extra damage. Dash attack pulverizes large groups of weaklings, but bounce of the large armored enemies and even get you wounded, etc.


Let us know, what you think. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

P.S.: We want to release playable pre-alpha demo within few weeks to get some feedback, so please stay tuned and help us refine the combat in Rampage Knights.