By undead

Alright! We are back with a big May update! Sorry for the silence, but it was tough and we had to fully focus on the work to pull it off.


First of all, we are adding two new levels. Both turned out to be more challenging than we expected. Starway Alpha reuses graphics and enemies from the previous level it follows, but due to its high speed it is a long one and it was a lot of work to build the whole thing. e insect level brings in a whole new environment and enemies.

We have two big additions to the core game mechanics: loadouts and 2-player local co-op. Both features are very experimental and it’s unsure it will work in its current form, so we need some feedback. Especially the co-op might turn out not feasible, but we’ll wait with any decisions after we gather some reactions.

We are also adding a whole batch of new items:

  • New weapons: Shogun, Vulcan.
  • New bombs: Acid Cloud, Monkey Maniac.
  • New gems: Anarchon, Magnetrix.
  • New device: Loadout Swapper.
  • New equips: Cooling Fan, Heat Valve, Panic Attack, Zeldor Armor.

… and many bug fixes and adjustments as always.